How To Add Someone To Facebook Ads Manager

How To Add Someone To Facebook Ads Manager

Want to learn how to add some to Facebook ads manager? You're in luck. Today, we're going to teach you exactly how to share access to your ad account. Maybe you're running ads for a client and want to invite your team as collaborators. Or, perhaps you're running ads for your own brand and you've decided to let someone do a Facebook ads audit on your account. Whatever the case, you'll soon know exactly how to share account access by the end of this short article.

We'll also explain the different levels of access you can grant people within the Facebook ads manager. This will help you keep your account safe and secure while still getting people the access they need within the account.

Let's get right into it!

How To Add Someone To Facebook Ads Manager

Adding someone to your Facebook ads manager is actually pretty easy. It's just a matter of logging into your account, navigating to Facebook business manager, and following a few simple steps. In fact, there are two ways to add someone to your Facebook ad account. We'll explain them both below:

How To Add Someone To Facebook Ads Manager Directly From The Account

Once inside your business manager, navigate to the specific ad account you want to add someone to. From there, you can find the ad account roles section and click "add people". At that point, it's as simple as entering the name or email address of the person in question. If they have a business ID connected to their name or email address, it should pull them up. You can click them from the dropdown menu and select their role. There are three roles you can choose from:

  • Ad Account Admin - An admin is the highest level of permission. If you trust the party in question and want them to have all the permissions necessary to do their job, ad account admin is the right choice. They can create, edit, and view ads, access important reports to analyze Facebook ads data, edit payment methods, and even manage admin permissions for other people.

  • Ad Account Advertiser - This permission limits people in that they can only see and edit ads and payment methods. They can set up ads using the payment method associated with the ad account.

  • Ad Account Analyst - The ad account analyst is the lowest level of permissions. They can only view ads and access reports. If you are looking for someone to conduct a Facebook ads audit for you, this is the permission to choose.

How To Add Someone To Facebook Business Manager

Now, what if you want to give someone access to your Facebook business manager instead of your Facebook ads account? While many people who are new to this space use the terms synonymously, there are some key differences between Facebook ads manager and Facebook business manager.

The steps we explained above will simply give a user/business access to a specific Facebook ads account. When you grant access to your Facebook business manager, however, you are granting access to pages along with ad accounts, settings, and more. You can think of Facebook business manager as the overall hub that Facebook ads manager lives within.

With all this said, there will come a time when you want to give someone access to Facebook business manager. Or perhaps you want to gain access to a client or partners Facebook business manager account. In that case, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner to pull up "settings"
  2. From the settings window, click "partners"
  3. Once you have pulled up the partners tab, you can click the "add" button. You'll be presented with two options: either to give a partner access to your assets or to ask a partner to share assets. In this case, you'll choose the first option.
  4. Submit your partner's business ID. In order to share access to your Facebook business manager, the partner in question must have an account and share their business ID with you.

Choosing Facebook Business Manager Permissions

After that, you should have the ability to choose the specific permissions you want to grant the person in question. Remember - because the business manager account can do much more than an ad account manager, you need to carefully consider these permissions.

  • Employee Access - this will limit access to only assigned accounts and specific tools. We recommend this for most partnerships.

  • Admin Access - this grants the user/agency full access to your business. This includes ad accounts, tools, settings, people, and any other assets. It's important to note that admins can actually delete the entire business from within the business manager.

  • Finance Analyst/Editor - these roles can only access financial details including transactions, invoices, account spend, payment methods, and more. An editor has a bit more access to the account in that they can edit these things rather than just analyze them.

Tips To Remember When Adding Someone To Facebook Ads Manager or Business Manager

Now you know how to add someone to Facebook ads manager. But there are a few more tips we want to provide before you get into your business manager or ad account and start adding people. These tips will help you assign the correct permissions and protect yourself/your business.

  • Only admins can add people to business/account manager. If you are an employee attempting to add more people, you will be unable to until your permissions have been edited.
  • Only add people you know/trust to either business manager or an ad account role. Remember - the highest level of permissions are capable of viewing payment methods and even deleting your account altogether. So, always stick with lower permissions when in doubt. This will ensure people can view - but cannot cause damage from within the account.
  • Facebook will never ask you for access to your business manager. They can access anything they want - so if someone claims to be from Facebook and needs access to your account, it is a scam - ignore/report it.
  • Only Facebook can get you verified. If a company claims to have the ability to verify your account and asks you to add them to your business manager, they are defrauding you. Ignore/report them.
  • Anyone you add to your business manager or ad account should have 2-factor authentication set up to protect your business. This added level of security will prevent your business manager or ad account from getting accessed by hackers.

Final Thoughts On How To Add Someone To Facebook Ads Manager

Now you know how to add someone to Facebook ads manager. You also know how to add someone to Facebook business manager rather than a specific ad account. You also know the varying permissions that reach role entails - and how to choose the right one for any given scenario. At this point, you can get the person in question access they need.

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